ep 19-HALLOWEEN: The Second Monster (Millicent’s Tale)

Halloween has arrived and despite their recent troubles, the Brimblebanks family is ready to celebrate the way they like best – with spooky stories!  First up, Millicent Brimblebanks brings us this tale of a monster… and thehalloween_thesecondmonstern another monster.  And also people who are kind of monsters, am I right?  Also, not-terribly-subtle social commentary for a not-terribly subtle age. Written by Brodie H. Brockie and Leah Bauer and starring Leah Bauer as Millicent Brimblebanks.

This episode was brought to life by the voice talents of  
Patrick Johnson as Dr. Accurize and Elder Remington, Brodie H. Brockie as Elder Winchester and Bentley Brimblebanks, Colleen Stano as Conner and Elder Browning, Justin Vidovic as the gatekeeper and Elder Skiptomyloo, and Leah Bauer as Doracle the Oracle.

No commercial this episode, and the science kids are off researching science or maybe just accidentally gluing their hands together with superglue.  I guess maybe that counts as science?  Maybe everything does if you squint at it enough.

Speaking of which, here’s The Second Monster…


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