ep26 – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: If the Fates Allow

It’s Christmas Eve, and the Brimblebanks are each spending the holiday alone at the end of a difficult year. Jameson, Bentley, Lucinda, and Millicent are all lost in strange, surreal surroundings. Is even the magic of Christmas eve and their connection enough to bring them a sense of togetherness even when they’re apart?

“If The Fates Allow” was written by Brodie H. Brockie and stars Justin Vidovic as Jameson Brimblebanks, Brodie H. Brockie as Bentley Brimblebanks, Colleen Stano as Lucinda Brimblebanks, Leah Bauer as Millicent Brimblebanks, and Deric Gochenauer as Santiago the Snowman.

Brian Rose provided the piano accompaniment for “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”which was written by by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane. Lucy Bauer created this episode’s cover art.

Now whether alone or not, join us for a spell and enjoy a Christmas tale, “If the Fates Allow.”

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