ep 23 – She’s A Catch

When you’re the only mermaid in all of Lake Michigan, shesacatchstaring out at the happy couples strolling Chicago’s Navy Pier, what’s a half-girl half-fish to do?  Join a dating site, of course.  But Sarena soon finds that while the right bait may bring you the catch of the day, it’s not always clear what to do once you’ve caught it.  “She’s a Catch” is written by Justin Vidovic and stars Justin Vidovic as Jameson Brimblebanks and Brodie H. Brockie as Bentley Brimblebanks.

This episode’s story was brought to life by the voice talents of: Francesca  Vitali as Sarena, John Benischek as Edgar, Patrick Goldman as Rick, Deric Gochenauer as Terry, and Colleen Stano as Lucinda Brimblebanks.

This episodes commercial, Garbage Chest, was written and performed by Brodie H. Brockie and Justin Vidovic and performed by Brockie, Vidovic, and Colleen Stano.

The Science Kids Lean About Quicksand was written by Brodie H. Brockie and starred Hayla Alawi as Jody and Amanda Burch as Dody.

And now, pull up a snack and listen to the soothing sounds of the waves as we listen to “She’s A Catch…”


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