ep 24 – Hellfire & Moonshine

The Brimblebanks Brothers return!  Well, SOME Brimblebanks Brothers return anyway.  Take a seat on a rockin’ chair and rest a spell as Coy and Vance Brimblebanks (along with their cousins Luella Lu and Billie Sue Sally Ann Ginger Snap Brimblebanks) tell the story of their ancestors Obidiah and his feud with the Devil.

hellfireandmoonshine It’s a story that’ll take you from one side of the US of A to the other (with a little side trip to heck along the way).  “Hellfire  & Moonshine” was written by Brodie H. Brockie and Justin Vidovic.

This episode’s story was brought to life by the voice talents of Brodie H. Brockie as Coy Brimblebanks, Charon, Dostoevsky, and Mr. Wormsworth; Justin Vidovic as Vance Brimblebanks and Shakespeare; Peter Dannug as Obidiah Brimblebanks; Leah Bauer as Billie Sue Sally Ann Ginger Snap Brimblebanks and Dante; Colleen Stano as Luella Lu Brimblebanks, Ryan N. Wilcox as the Devil and Goober, Deric Gochenauer as Sam, Desirae Nelson as Maybelle Washington; Robert Free as the Stranger at the Crossroads; Evan Murphy as Poe and the bartender; and Scott Longpre as Buford the talkin’ basset hound.

This episode’s commercial, Buzz-O-Matic, was written by Justin Vidovic and starred Vidovic, Leah Bauer, Colleen Stano, and Ryan Wilcox.

Now then, we know y’all are busy, but once in a while you just gotta rest yer dogs a spell and take in a good story, y’hear?  Drink in this tale of Americana we call “Hellfire & Moonshine…”

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