ep8: To Strut and Fret Her Poor Hour

Sandra is an actress auditioning for a prestigious Chicago theatre company, hoping for her big break. But there’s more going on behind the curtain of this particular theatre than putting on shows, and forgetting a line is hardly the most dangerous thing that can happen. A supernatural story of ambition, illusion… and murder. “To Strut & Fret Her Poor Hour” is written by Justin Vidovic. Starring Brodie H. Br11377180_1585332138386425_1071664371579705384_nockie as Bentley Brimblebanks and Justin Vidovic as Jameson Brimblebanks.

This episode’s story was brought to life by the voice talents of
Sarah Elizabeth Grace as Sandra.
Claire Fry as The Artistic Director.
Colleen Stano Williams as Annabelle.
Mitchell Ralston as the Assistant.
And Brodie H. Brockie as Hedge.

This episode’s commercial was The Barons of Stuttgart, written by Brodie H. Brockie and Justin Vidovic and starring Brockie, Vidovic, Catherine Nagy Wrighter, and Scott Longpre. Musical horn performed by Brandon Whitesell.

This episode’s musical guest was Line of Planets with the song “Live Forever.”  To hear more of their music, be sure to visit https://lineofplanets.bandcamp.com/
Everybody ready? Hand in your headshots  and be sure to state your name clearly before you begin.  Here’s “To Strut and Fret Her Poor Hour…”

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