ep11: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL – Baby Monsters

It’s Halloween!  The day when ghosts and goblins roam the night, but something much more dangerous is lurking in Brimblebanks Manor when the Mysterious Adversary Returns with some new tricks… but no treats for the Brimblebanks Brothers.  Plus, the tale of the birth and dark purpose of a strange, but familiar new monster.


This episode’s story features the voice talents of Kathy Waugh as the narrator; Jared Hoffert as the Adversary; Leah Bauer as Allison; Audrey Waugh as Gracey; Connor Casey as Duncan; Scott Longpre as The Unknowable Terror, a hobgoblin, and Vincent Price; Colleen Stano Williams as The Witch; Heather Wing as Aunt Zilla, Justin Vidovic as a Hobgoblin, Mitchell Ralston as Boris Karloff, and Brodie H. Brockie as Peter Lorre.

This episode’s musical guest was Chris Thomas with the song “Halloween Comes Tonight” from his album “The Dark Rift.” Hear more of his terrifying tunes at www.musicforhaunts.com 

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Now grab a big bowl of candy and hide under the covers, it’s time to spend Halloween at Brimblebanks Manor!


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