ep11: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL – Baby Monsters

It’s Halloween!  The day when ghosts and goblins roam the night, but something much more dangerous is lurking in Brimblebanks Manor when the Mysterious Adversary Returns with some new tricks… but no treats for the Brimblebanks Brothers.  Plus, the tale of the birth and dark purpose of a strange, but familiar new monster.


This episode’s story features the voice talents of Kathy Waugh as the narrator; Jared Hoffert as the Adversary; Leah Bauer as Allison; Audrey Waugh as Gracey; Connor Casey as Duncan; Scott Longpre as The Unknowable Terror, a hobgoblin, and Vincent Price; Colleen Stano Williams as The Witch; Heather Wing as Aunt Zilla, Justin Vidovic as a Hobgoblin, Mitchell Ralston as Boris Karloff, and Brodie H. Brockie as Peter Lorre.

This episode’s musical guest was Chris Thomas with the song “Halloween Comes Tonight” from his album “The Dark Rift.” Hear more of his terrifying tunes at www.musicforhaunts.com 

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Now grab a big bowl of candy and hide under the covers, it’s time to spend Halloween at Brimblebanks Manor!


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ep10: Coquettes & Cougars

It’s cats vs. cuties, genre vs. genre, and Brimblebanks brother vs. Brimblebanks brother as stories and styles collide in this chaotic tale! What happens when a comedy of manners is invaded by deadly killer cats who have no manners at all? Can love survive? Can anyone? And when it’s all over, will the Brimblebanks brothers want to tell stories together anymore at all? Put on your headphones and hope they don’t hear you!mountainlions

This episode was written by Justin Vidovic and Brodie H. Brockie and stars Vidovic as Jameson Brimblebanks and Brockie as Bentley Brimblebanks.

Voice talent for this episode is Kailey Schneemann as Maribelle Caraway, Victoria Reackof as Fanny Caraway and Georgia May Hathaway, Colleen Stano Williams as Annabelle Valliere, Scott Longpre as Philbert Fitzwilliams, Dave Melcher as Earnest, Brittani Moore as Pam Hutchinson, Jared Hoffert as Charles Cumberland, Nathan Taylor as Vernon Sterling, and Brodie H. Brockie as Colonel Caraway. Voxbot 5,000 and Midnight appear as themselves.

This month’s commercial, Pistachios, was written and performed by Justin Vidovic.

This month’s musical guest is Driftin’ Luke & His Many Personalities with the song “Cotillion.”  Check out more of his music by clicking on these very words.

And now, for a story of southern pride and a pride of mountain lions…


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ep9: The Pallbearers’ Reflections

Hannah lived a life seeking out adventure and secrets, until one day she created an incredible secret of her own: a secret she carried to her death bed.  None of the six friends carrying her casket to its final resting place know Hannah’s strange secret, but maybe once you hear each of their memories of her… maybe YOU will.  “The Pallbearers’ Reflections” is written by Brodie H. Brockie and stars Brockie as Bentley Brimblebanks and Justin Vidovic as Jameson Brimblebanks.brimblebanks_pallbearers

This episode’s story was brought to life by the voice talents of Amanda Burch as Hannah, Jared Hoffert as James/Echo, Gianna Zampardo as Larissa, David Melcher as Michael, Erin Mettler as Amber, Zack Johnson as Fred, Annika Francisco as Young Hannah, Thomas Ballbach as Young Stanley, and Patrick Johnson as George the American tourist.

This episode’s commercial, “The McFeely” was written by Justin Vidovic and stars Justin Vidovic and Brodie H. Brockie.

This episode’s musical guest is Little Timmy Tinerbox with the song “I’ve Got a Suitcase Full of Mollusks” written by Brodie H. Brockie.

And now let’s learn what we can, then say goodbye to Hannah in “The Pallbearers’ Reflections…”

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ep8: To Strut and Fret Her Poor Hour

Sandra is an actress auditioning for a prestigious Chicago theatre company, hoping for her big break. But there’s more going on behind the curtain of this particular theatre than putting on shows, and forgetting a line is hardly the most dangerous thing that can happen. A supernatural story of ambition, illusion… and murder. “To Strut & Fret Her Poor Hour” is written by Justin Vidovic. Starring Brodie H. Br11377180_1585332138386425_1071664371579705384_nockie as Bentley Brimblebanks and Justin Vidovic as Jameson Brimblebanks.

This episode’s story was brought to life by the voice talents of
Sarah Elizabeth Grace as Sandra.
Claire Fry as The Artistic Director.
Colleen Stano Williams as Annabelle.
Mitchell Ralston as the Assistant.
And Brodie H. Brockie as Hedge.

This episode’s commercial was The Barons of Stuttgart, written by Brodie H. Brockie and Justin Vidovic and starring Brockie, Vidovic, Catherine Nagy Wrighter, and Scott Longpre. Musical horn performed by Brandon Whitesell.

This episode’s musical guest was Line of Planets with the song “Live Forever.”  To hear more of their music, be sure to visit https://lineofplanets.bandcamp.com/
Everybody ready? Hand in your headshots  and be sure to state your name clearly before you begin.  Here’s “To Strut and Fret Her Poor Hour…”

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Family history: Luella Brimblebanks

-1Fondly remembering little Luella Brimblebanks today, taken from the world too soon, on the day she learned two things the hard way:

1) That even the cutest of creatures at the zoo are probably best left locked up, no matter how badly you might wish to set them free.

2) It really is best to wash one’s hands after having a lot of fish for lunch.

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The Barons of Stuttgart

Enjoy this commercial for a forgotten TV classic that celebrates a certain cultural heritage with a great deal of gusto and cars jumping over things.

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Family history: baby brothers


Even as toddlers, Bentley and Jameson Brimblebanks hated going outside to play, preferring to stay inside pretending to know how to read and making up stories in baby gibberish language that they told to one another.  This led to weekly artificial sunlight treatments to goose their vitamin D, seen here being administered by a local nurse. Bentley (left) enjoyed removing Jameson’s sun goggles during these sessions which eventually resulted in temporary blindness while the brothers were learning their animals. To this day, Jameson still struggles to tell the differences between duckies and bunnies.

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ep7: Infinite Love

A pair of married astronauts learn that the rest of the human race has been wiped out while they’re out in space. They search the cosmos for a new place to live, but the first suitable planet has one problem: there is already an intelligent race of people living on it, and they have a real problem with the way our heroes live their lives. Can hearts and minds be changed by two people? Can the astronauts survive? Can love? Find out in “Infinite Love.”infinitelovecover

This story was written by Brodie H. Brockie and stars Brockie as Bentley Brimblebanks and Justin Vidovic as Jameson Brimblebanks.

The rest of the cast Heather Wing as Captain Addison Rodman, Ryan N. Wilcox as Evan Rodman, Abby Mrachko as Senator Packinex and a rebel fighter, Chris Grimm as Minister Chot and Officer Kalgon, Patrick Johnson as Jerry Strawman and a rebel fighter, and Justin Vidovic as Gleevox.

This episode’s commercial: “2001 Flavors: A Taste Odyssey” was written by Brodie H. Brockie and stars Scott Longpre and David Melcher.

This episode’s musical guest is Wild Ponies with the song “Love is Not a Sin.” Head over to http://www.wildponies.net to hear more of their music, watch videos, learn when you can see them on tour, and more.

And now, a story about the farthest reaches of outer space and the inner hearts of man, “Infinite Love:”

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Family history: Erasmus P. Brimblebanks

unknown group 1923 champions

Erasmus P. Brimblebanks (pictured at left of center wearing a false beard and wig) moments before stealing the Flimflam Cup from the Royal Order of Windbags, 1923.  He was chased for three days straight by club tough guy Gordon “Tiny” Penderbroke (back row, second from right, masked with axe) before finally evading him by letting the hornets out of the cup and jumping into a nearby creek. Penderbroke, unable to swim, did not follow and was stung 487 times.

The cup remains in Brimblebanks Manor to this day.

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Tales of the Ashworths #1: The Artist

Next door to Brimblebanks Manor is the estate of the Ashworth family, a clan of eccentrics with varied interests and abilities, but who all have one thing in common: they die in strange, sudden, and horrible ways. Here is the first video of the Brimblebanks Brothers telling the story of one of the unfortunate Ashworths.

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